Agency in Anonymity

“My sexuality was severely suppressed by my upbringing growing up. I have always had to hide it until three years ago when I left my religion. This new found freedom has been so exciting. I love to explore and try new things. I have recently discovered the joy in nudity, exhibitionism and exploring my sensual sexual nature.

My sexual identity is predominantly hetero, but I absolutely adore women, and the sexual experiences I’ve have had with them so far have been thrilling, enriching, deepening and completely new. I am a curious sexual being. This has lead me into a community that revolves around BDSM. There are millions of pockets of fun under this umbrella, and my journey in discovering my gender and sexuality has only just begun.

Because of these changes in my life, I can find it hard to navigate how I represent my sexuality; versus how I want society to perceive me. I love to be open about my sexuality because I love to hear others share their experiences. I want to help make the subject less taboo, partly in reaction to me feeling so squashed when I was younger. It’s so important for people to be comfortable with who they are.

I feel that I am misunderstood a lot of the time, especially by people who don’t know my background, or my intent behind being so overtly sexual. Even though I have managed to separate my mind from the prudish binds of religion, my life is still situated in such a way that I must remain anonymous when I am recorded like this. I have to keep my ideas face to face, for fear of persecution from my family and the society I exist within. To be open, for me, is to be free.”



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